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The Wacky Club Committee

The Wacky Club is run by a committee of volunteer parents, who contribute their time to ensure the smooth running of the club. Please contact us if you would like to help out on the committee or offer your time and expertise.

Charlanne Ward
Chair, email me on
I joined the Wacky committee in 2016 and took over as Chair in April 2017. The main things I spend my time on as Chair are: chairing committee meetings (~1.5 hours every half-term), attending liaison meetings with Rainbow and school (~45 minutes once a term, which I find useful although it’s not essential to attend), meeting with our playleader Jo (1 hour every 6 weeks or so with Lisa, Deputy Chair) to discuss operational updates, and dealing with strategic issues such as GDPR compliance and future planning requirements (with the Rainbow Chair, school, governors, local councillors and our MP as needed). This last part can require a slightly larger amount of time on an ad-hoc basis, so I’m fortunate to be working 3.5 days a week – allowing me the flexibility to spend more time on Wacky in those weeks that need it. The staff do a fantastic job looking after our children but they need our support and it’s great to be able to make a difference.
Lisa Wilyman
Co Chair
I look after all of the recruitment for the club which involves advertising vacancies, speaking to the candidates on the phone, working with the play leader to make sure we have the right team on board and sending out all of the paper work. I get involved in all people matters too relating to the staff and support the chair in the smooth running of the club. Each month varies but when there is recruitment happening, it can take up to 3-5 hours a month but otherwise a couple of hours a month on average which includes a monthly meeting with the play leader.
Alison Sillence
Both my daughters go to Wacky and I joined the committee as secretary over a year ago. My main job is to take minutes at half-termly committee meetings, circulate them and then send out a reminder e-mail about two weeks before the next meeting. I periodically organise and store minutes on the One Drive and occasionally an extra task comes my way – like collecting apologies for the AGM or organising these brief role descriptions! I would say this takes less than an hour a month and it’s great to be part of the team and support the club.
Stefano Berri
I joined the committee in 2018 taking over the role of treasurer from Jules. I have two children at Wacky and I decided to volunteer and give some help so that Wacky can carry on being such a wonderful and essential place for our kids. As Treasurer I will be responsible for approving payments, liaising with the administrator, reviewing the monthly income and expenditure account, and dealing with ad hoc finance matters, including the annual financial statements. On my day job I write computer programs to analyse data. I hope my skills will be helpful to keep the numbers in order, but I suspect I will end up looking after tables in Excel.
Tamsin Mann
Committee Member
I joined the Wacky committee in September 2016. Astrid (Y3) and Felix (Y1) go to Wacky twice a week and really enjoy their time there. I work 3-days a week as Head of Policy for a training organisation, so I often take on policy updates for Wacky too. Being on the committee is a good way to find out more about how the club is run, help with many different aspects for staff and setting improvement, and just support the lovely people who are looking after my children whilst I’m at work!
Holly Barr
Committee Member
My daughter uses Wacky for after school and holiday club and my son will use the club from next year. I joined the committee as Wacky is essential to enable me to work, and the club cannot run without the committee. I attend committee meetings, compose the newsletter once a term and update the Wacky Facebook page. This takes about 4 hours per month in total. I’ve found the committee really fun and it’s great to make a difference to the community by supporting the club that is vital to so many families.
Laura Whitworth
Committee Member
I joined the Wacky Club committee November 2018. I work full-time in scientific research, so it is vital that my two children have an after school option for a few days a week. They love going to Wacky and I can see how hard the staff work to make it a fun, safe and welcoming environment for them, which inspired me to join the committee and lend a hand with the running behind the scenes.
Cris Travieso-Blanch
Committee Member
I have joined the Wacky committee in 2019 to help with the club’s website and comms but also to give something back. My daughters have been going to Wacky every school holiday since they were in year 1, and we’ve also relied on the club for after-school care two days a week for a long while now. The team of playworkers has changed during these years, but the safe and positive atmosphere hasn’t. When you arrive to collect your children and they are all smiles and not in a hurry to leave you can tell they’ve had a good time!

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