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To be able to use the Wacky After School Club or Holiday Club you first have to register. This involves filling in a Family Registration Form and a Child Confidential Information Form for each child.

For the After School Club there is also a registration fee of £25 (or £50 for more than one child), charged annually. There is no registration fee for use of the the Holiday Club. Booking application forms for each term are available a few weeks before the end of the previous term. Holiday booking forms are also available well in advance. Where there is more demand for places than places available, priority is given to existing users of the Wacky Club (see our booking procedure). Wacky also operates a waiting list.

Completed registration and confidential information forms can be handed in at Wacky or can be sent to:

Jo Hawken ( Play Leader)
The Wacky Club
Great and Little Shelford Primary School
Great Shelford
CB22 5EL
07885 035033 or 01223 840777

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