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 The Wacky Club booking forms and programme for our  Half -Term  will be available in January 2019 for all Shelford Parents and non Shelford Parents. Find them here...   
Under The New General Data Protection Regulation Law- Could all Parents and Carers send an e-mail to The Wacky Club consenting they would like to receive  booking forms , programmes, newsletters and any other information from us.
Could you please contact us for bookings forms, cancellations and general enquires via  e-mail .Thank you! :)
  We are opened for a week for Half-Term on  18th, 19th,  20th ,21st and 22nd February 2019.
  The Wacky Club After School and Holiday Club takes the following payment childcare vouchers, bank transfer and cheque. 
Please note we do not accept bookings over the phone.
There are plenty of spaces  for this  holiday club for Shelford and Non Shelford Children to join us. .
Please  do not hesitate to contact us for further information on 01223 840777 or 07885 035033. 
If you require any more information about payment please contact our Administrator Hazel  Rayment on
Thank you very much for all your custom and support over the past year !
Kind regards
Jo Hawken
Playleader of The Wacky Club

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